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Individual Research Consultation

UB TU Berlin / M. Hilbich, CC BY 4.0

Searching for Resources

How can I search effectively for resources? Where do I find current literature on my research topic? How do I obtain resources not available at TU libraries?

Choose a research area and schedule an individual research appointment. You should allow about one hour for the consultation.

General questions/Basics

Architecture, Planning and Horticulture Studies

Humanities and Social Sciences

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

Economics and Management

Procure literature

How do I get literature that is not in stock of the TU? What delivery services are useful? How can I order special materials like norms or congresses? What are the costs and delivery times? How can I order literature from abroad?

Interlibrary loan / Delivery services: schedule an appointment

Managing References and Citations | Academic Writing

How do I collect and organise information, such as references for books or PDFs? Which reference management tools are suited to my needs? How do I solve a specific problem in Citavi and Zotero?

Reference management / Citavi und Zotero: Schedule an appointment

I need advice on writing a paper, my bachelor or master thesis or my doctoral thesis.

Angebote des Schreibzentrums des Studentenwerks (in German)

Publishing | Managing Research Data

How do I go about publishing research findings via Open Access? Which services are provided by TU University Press? What are the legal aspects I need to consider when publishing my work?

Open Access: Consultations, Workshops, Materials

Publishing: schedule an appointment

Where can I find information and advice concerning research data?

Service Center Research Data and Publications

Schedule an appointment

Using the WiFi

Wi-FI Support at the Central Library

tubIT Wi-Fi Support

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