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Rules for using break discs

UB TU Berlin / M. Fuchs, CC BY 4.0

The break discs are meant to support a fair and efficient use of study places as the number of readers during exam periods is very high.

The following rules apply for using break discs:

  • You find the break discs on every study table in boxes.
  • Please set the current time on the disc when you leave your study place for a break, to look for books, to make copies, etc.
  • The study place is then reserved for 60 min.
  • Places without break discs or with discs which have expired might be cleared by library staff and offered to other users.
  • In this case, your items will be put in a basket beside the table and your laptop will be put aside.The library does not incur liability for left items.
  • Please do not remove the disc from the study place. Discs are property of the library.

Please follow these rules. You personally will also benefit from the fairness of other readers.

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