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Reservable Group Study Spaces in the Central Library

How it works

To reserve a group study room or a workbay, two group members (TU or UdK students only) will have to log in with their personal library account one after the other.

  • TU students log in with their TUB-Account.
  • UdK students log in with their library card number and password.

  1. Pre-reservation: Student no. 1 logs in, clicks on a free time slot, selects the exact length of time and enters the user name of student no. 2. Log out!
  2. Reservation: Student no. 2 logs in, clicks on the pre-booked (light blue) time slot and changes the pre-reservation into a proper reservation via "Vormerkung bestätigen". Log out!
  3. Cancelling a reservation: Student 1 or student 2 logs in, clicks on the reserved time slot und deletes the reservation.
  4. Proof of reservation: You can print out a confirmation of your reservation by clicking on the reserved (dark blue) time slot and then on "Beleg drucken". The group study rooms and workbays are left unlocked, you will not need a key.

Location and Equipment of Group Study Spaces

Group study rooms

Group study rooms accommodating 2 to 8 people are available on the 1st to 4th floors of the Central Library.

Rooms available
Rooms Number of occupants Facilities
111, 202, 302, 411 4 to 8 computer workstation, whiteboard (Marker pens and sponges are available in the rooms.)
212h, 312h, 412a, 412d 2 to 4 computer workstation, whiteboard (Marker pens and sponges are available in the rooms.)

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Workbays in the UB Lounge

On the first floor of the Central Library you can find the workbays in the "UB Lounge powered by vitra". The view-protected group study spaces accommodate study groups of 2 to 4 people.

Location of the workbays

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Reserve a group study room

Reserve a workbay

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  1. Group study rooms and workbays may be reserved by students of TU Berlin and UdK holding a valid library card. Other library visitors can use a free room, but must vacate their seat if it’s reserved. Reservations have priority.
  2. A pre-reservation will expire if not changed into a proper reservation within one hour.
  3. Only three reservations per week are possible.
  4. A group study room or workbay can only be reserved for four hours.
  5. Group study rooms and workbays can be reserved up to two weeks in advance.
  6. A reservation will expire if the room / workbay is not claimed until 30 minutes after start of reservation time.
  7. Group study rooms and workbays are not locked. This includes also work breaks.


Please observe our Room Regulations (in German only).

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