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Application Checklist

  1. If you need assistance before applying, do not hesitate to contact us to find out about appropriate publishing options, publishing agreements, cost questions, funding conditions, self-archiving, etc.
  2. As soon as your article has been accepted for publication, you can apply for cost coverage:
    Application form (PDF, 308 KB)
  3. Based on the fund’s level of depletion and your adherence to the funding requirements, you will quickly (usually within a week) receive notification whether the fund can finance the fees. If so, continue with item 4.
  4. Publish the article with the planned publisher – acknowledging the funding from the TU publication fund: “We acknowledge support by the German Research Foundation and the Open Access Publication Funds of Technische Universität Berlin.”
  5. Mail the original invoice to the TU Berlin University Library (Abt. Universitätsverlag/Hochschulschriften, Fasanenstraße 88, 10623 Berlin). The university library will arrange for the payment.
  6. Please notify the university library when the article is published, specifying the DOI.

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