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  • The applicant must be the “submitting author” or “corresponding author” responsible for funding and be a member of the TU Berlin under Section 25 of the Basic Constitution (Grundordnung) of the TU Berlin.
  • Up to two publications in each chair may receive funding each year.

Basic Constitution of the TU Berlin (German)


  • Articles can only be funded if the costs do not exceed €2,000 (including value-added tax) according to current exchange rates. Partial funding is not possible.
  • Articles produced as part of third-party funded projects and for which APC funding is available cannot be supported by the central publication fund.
  • The articles have to be published under a Creative Commons license.
  • The article must be published in the current 2017–18 funding period.
  • When published, the article should include an acknowledgment that it was funded by the TU Berlin publication fund.


  • The fund supports articles published in open access journals only. Articles in traditional, subscription-based journals that offer Open Access options per article for a fee (e.g. Springer Open Choice, Hogrefe OpenMind, ACS AuthorChoice, Wiley OnlineOpen, SAGE Choice, Elsevier Sponsored Article etc.) are not eligible for funding.
  • The fund supports articles published in journals that undergo a quality assurance process and are listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

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