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  • Articles in Open Access journals and Open Access anthologies with fees not exceeding 2,000 EUR (incl. taxes) are eligible for support. Please note that the current exchange rate will be applied. Partial funding is not possible.
  • Articles resulting from third-party funded projects, where third-party funding is still available to cover publishing fees, cannot be supported through the central publication fund.
  • Only articles submitted under a Creative-Commons license (preferably CC-BY) are eligible for funding.
  • The article should include an acknowledgement that it was funded by the TU Berlin publication fund when it is published: „We acknowledge support by the German Research Foundation and the Open Access Publication Funds of TU Berlin.“

Journals or anthologies

  • Publications are eligible for funding when they are published in Open Access journals that have gone through a quality assurance procedure and are listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).
  • Publications are eligible for funding when they are published in anthologies whose publisher is listed in the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) or is a member of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA).
  • Articles in traditional, subscription-based journals that offer Open Access options per article for a fee (e.g. Springer Open Choice, Hogrefe OpenMind, ACS AuthorChoice, Wiley OnlineOpen, SAGE Choice, Elsevier Sponsored Article etc.) are not eligible for funding.


  • An application for the transfer of publication costs may be submitted when the article is accepted by the publisher. The order of financing is generally decided by the date of submission of the application.
  • The applicant must be the “submitting author” or “corresponding author” responsible for funding and be a member of TU Berlin under § 43 Berliner Hochschulgesetz.
  • Please provide your ORCiD (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) along with your application. The TU affiliation of the author must be distinctly identifiable in the publication.
  • Accepted funds are available for a duration of 12 months. If the publication has not been published within this period, a new application for funding must be submitted.

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