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What is Open Access?

“Open access” refers to the objective of making scholarly information freely accessible and available for re-use on the Internet so that interested parties may read, download, copy, distribute, search, and reference the full text and use it in any other legally appropriate fashion. Only one condition applies: to attribute the authorship correctly.

In recent years, open access has been anchored in the mission statements of universities and research institutions, in the terms and conditions of external funding bodies, and in proposed legislation. Open access journals, publishers, and repositories are no longer the only players; by now, most traditional academic publishers have added open access options to their portfolios


Open Access strategy for Berlin

TU Berlin's Open Access Policy

Open Access representative TU Berlin

Open Access policy to the TU Berlin University Library

Link list related to Open Access

The Gold Road: Open Access Publishing

The Gold Road or Gold Open Access means publishing with an open access publisher. Open access publications undergo a peer-review process to ensure the quality of the scholarship. Access is open and free of charge, worldwide.

Directory of Open Access Journals

Directory of Open Access Books

Services by the University Press

Services for Open Access Publishing

Financing for Publications

Recommendations for Open Access Publishing

The Green Road: Self-Archiving

The Green Road to open access” or in brief Green Open Access refers to the additional publication, usually on a repository, after having published with a traditional publisher. This process of “self-archiving” in a repository happens either at the same time as the original publication or after a delay (often called “embargo”).

Self-Archiving Services

Repository DepositOnce

Recommendations for Self-Archiving

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