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Right to Self-Archive

Please consider your right to self-archive. Publishers have different policies and views regarding the re-use of content and self-archiving. The database SHERPA/RoMEO provides a good overview over what publishers permit. Please note that the information in this database is not legally binding – your publishing agreement as well as the details on the publisher’s website are always essential. Feel free to contact us if you need help!


Supplements to Publishing Agreements

If possible, do not transfer exclusive rights to the publisher. You can enclose the SPARC Author Addendum to your contract to reserve the non-exclusive right to self-archive your article in a repository. In order to be legally valid this supplement has to be countersigned by the publisher.

SPARC Author Addendum

Archiving in Repositories instead of Personal Websites

You should self-archive as soon as possible on DepositOnce, the institutional repository of TU Berlin. Depending on the publishing agreement your publication will either be available immediately or after an embargo period. Sometimes the publisher´s version is permitted to be used in the repository, other publishers only allow the use of the accepted manuscript (“postprint” or “final draft”).

Do not use your personal or institutional website to self-archive. DepositOnce ensures permanent availability (by DOIs) and guarantees the visibility of the publications in scholarly search engines (such as BASE), library catalogues and many other search platforms.


Archive in Repositories instead of Academic Networks

For networking reasons it is advisable to integrate your publications in academic platforms like ResearchGate and Academia.edu. However, this is not sufficient concerning the principles of Open Access. These platforms are commercially operating companies, whose development and sustainability are not predictable. Furthermore, in most cases self-archiving on commercial platforms is not permitted by publishers.

Information on Academic Platforms

ORCID ID for Your Academic Career

Register for an Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID). This assigns a unique ID to your academic career, increasing your visibility among funding institutions and others. ORCID is an international standard for researchers’ academic output, comparable to ISBN for books or DOI for online publications.


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