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Pros and Cons

Pros of Open Access

There are many good reasons to publish in the open access model:

  • Publicly financed research results should be freely accessible to and usable by the public. Open access improves the supply of information nationally and internationally – including for research institutions in developing countries.
  • Open access ensures rapid, free, and sustainable access to scholarly information and makes it easier to find on search engines and other reference services.
  • According to various studies, open access increases publications’ visibility and citation frequency, boosting the renown of authors and their institutions.
  • Open access publications enable authors to control the rights of their own work by only granting non-exclusive right of use in copyright transfer agreements with publishers and journals. Open content licenses such as the Creative Commons licenses can be used to define in detail under which conditions the public may use the works.
  • Open access and usage options meet the requirements of digital science (eScience, Open Science), which advocates networked research environments and workflows, automated data and textual analysis, and information enhancement.

More Arguments for Open Access

Cons of Open Access

The Open Access information platform has explored reservations about open access in depth. Their website answers authors’ questions about the quality, visibility, and long-term archiving of open access publications; legal aspects; the financial feasibility of the “author pays” model; and reservations regarding the distribution of publication funding and conflicts of interest.

Our team advises and supports TU members regarding all questions about open access and is happy to engage in dialogue. To keep scholar’s time investment in open access to a minimum, we offer a range of open access related services.

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