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Publishing dissertations / theses

Publishing dissertations

According to § 9 (2) of the doctoral regulations of the TU Berlin, the scientific community must be given appropriate access to a dissertation after completing the scientific defense. 

Regulations for Doctorates at TU Berlin

In this case, "access" means that the version approved by the Doctoral Committee must be delivered to the University Library free of charge in one of the following forms to ensure proper dissemination: 

Online-Publishing on DepositOnce

15 printed copies in customary dissertation print

3 Publisher copies

In case of a thesis by publication (cumulative dissertation), please note the following:

Thesis by publication (cumulative dissertation)

Habilitation treatises

If the habilitation regulations of your faculty demand submitting your habilitation treatise to the University Library, please follow the checklist below (in German only):

Publishing a habilitation treatise

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