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Checklist to publish your dissertation with an external publisher

  1. Contact a suitable publisher to publish your work and arrange a publishing contract. Ensure that the publisher certifies that either the minimum number of 150 copies will be printed or that the publisher ensures a 4-year-availablity, as required by the Doctoral Regulations. Prepare the camera-ready version of the approved version of your thesis.
    Copyright Information (German)

  2. Please ensure that the publisher mentions 'Technische Universität Berlin', 'thesis' and 'place of thesis in the Imprint using the following phrase:
    Zugl.: Berlin, Technische Universität, Diss., <Year of disputation>
  3. Any title change to the approved version must first be authorized by the faculty. After receiving approval, the standardized phrase is to be revised as follows:
    Zugl.: Berlin, Technische Universität, Diss., <Year of disputation> u. d. T. <Original title>
  4. Insert a title page according to TU Berlin regulations
    Title page template
    The dissertation title page can be bound with the printed copies in addition to the publisher's title sheet. If this is not possible, add the title page as a loose sheet in three copies.
  5. Please submit the following via e-mail:
    1. PDF-File (lastname_firstname_abstract.pdf) with the German and English abstract (each max. one page = max. 1800 characters with spaces), and
    2. PDF-file (lastname_firstname_inhalt.pdf) with the table of contents.
    Both are used to enrich the entries in the library catalogues. 
    In case of the old Doctoral Regulations of 2006 please print out the abstract of your paper and have it signed by one of your reviewers.
  6. Please submit three copies of your published thesis, the publisher‘s certification of the minimum number of 150 copies or 4-year-availablity and the signed abstract (in case of the old Doctoral Regulations of 2006) to the Dissertation Office (University Library). You may authorize another person to submit the documents or use postal services.
  7. The Dissertation Office checks the submitted documents for compliance with the requirements and issues an acknowledgement of receipt, which serves as the basis for the issuance of the doctoral certificate by your faculty.

Please note:

  • If your thesis is to appear in a series published by TU Berlin University Press, please follow the checklist below:
    Checklist for publishing a thesis with the TU Berlin Universitätsverlag

  • It is possible that, after the approval process, the version approved by the Doctoral Committee may differ from the version to be published. Please note that according to TU Berlin Doctoral Regulations the version 'approved' by the Doctoral Committee must be published in parallel to the version revised by the publisher (if applicable). Contact the faculty administration on how to proceed.

  • When signing a publishing contract you should reserve the right to self-archive your thesis, e.g. on the institutional repository of TU Berlin DepositOnce. However, if you have granted exclusive rights to the publisher, consider to request a written note that the publisher grants self-archiving rights (an embargo of 6 or 12 months is common).

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