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Dissertation as microfiche

  1. Upon completion of the scientific defense please prepare the 'approved version' of your dissertation.
    Copyright Information (German)

  2. Please insert a dissertation title page before your text as is required by TU Berlin regulations.
    Title page template

  3. Now prepare 3 printed copies of your dissertation*

    The allowed formats are DIN A4, DIN A5 and intermediate formats. Pages can be printed on one or both sides. Please use white, age-resistant paper (ISO 9706). The copies must be bound in a permanent fashion. Ring or spiral binding is not permitted.

  4. Prepare 40 microfiches that are identical to the printed version and keep them in microfiche sleeves. Please make sure that you also receive the masterfiche.

  5. Please print out the abstract of your paper and have it signed by one of the evaluators.

  6. Please now submit the 3 printed copies, the 40 microfiche copies, the masterfiche and the signed abstract to the Dissertation Office (University Library). You can submit the documents through a representative (another person) or use a stamped envelope.

  7. Also please provide the Dissertation Office with the German and English abstract (each max. 1800 characters with spaces) as well as the table of contents of your paper as PDF files via e-mail. These are needed to make entries in the library databases and catalogues with respect to information about your paper that goes beyond the title data.

  8. The Dissertation Office checks the submitted documents for compliance with the requirements and issues an acknowledgement of receipt, which serves as the basis for the issuance of a doctoral certificate by your Faculty. 

*Some service providers can help you to produce the specimen copies and if needed, can also delegate an ISBN number for your publication, which allows distribution in the context of a Creative Commons license.



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