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Categories of Physics Department Library

    MECH 20 Conference proceedings
    MECH 40 Handbooks
    MECH 60 Textbooks, introductions
    MECH 92 Festschrift
    MECH 95 Collections of problems, formularies
    MECH 96 History of mechanics
    MECH 100 Principles of mechanics
    MECH 120 Mathematical methods of mechanics
    MECH 200 Mechanical instruments and measurements methods
    MECH 220 Vacuum apparatus and testing methods
    MECH 240 Vacuum physics
    MECH 260 High-pressure apparatus and testing methods
    MECH 280 High-pressure physics
    MECH 300 Mechanics of continua in general
    MECH 320 Elasticity, fracture mechanics
    MECH 340 Viscoelasticity, plasticity
    MECH 360 Rheology
    MECH 400 Mechanical waves and wave propagation
    MECH 420 Mechanical vibrations, wave physics in general
    MECH 430 Nonlinear vibrations
    MECH 599 Other topics in mechanics
    MECH 620 Conference proceedings
    MECH 660 Handbooks, textbooks, introductions
    MECH 700 Acoustical instruments and methods
    MECH 800 Ultrasound
    MECH 999 Other topics in acoustics

    MECH 20 Kongressberichte
    MECH 40 Handbücher
    MECH 60 Lehrbücher, Einführungen
    MECH 92 Festschriften
    MECH 95 Aufgaben- und Formelsammlungen
    MECH 96 Geschichte der Mechanik
    MECH 100 Prinzipien der Mechanik
    MECH 120 Mathematische Methoden der Mechanik
    MECH 200 Mechanische Instrumente und Messmethoden
    MECH 220 Vakuumerzeugung und -messung
    MECH 240 Vakuumphysik
    MECH 260 Hochdruckerzeugung und -messung
    MECH 280 Hochdruckphysik
    MECH 300 Mechanik der Kontinua, allgemeines
    MECH 320 Elastizität, Festigkeitslehre
    MECH 340 Viskoelastizität, Plastizität
    MECH 360 Rheologie
    MECH 400 Mechanische Wellen und Wellenausbreitung
    MECH 420 Mechanische Schwingungen; allgemeines über die gesamte Schwingungslehre
    MECH 430 Nichtlineare Schwingungen
    MECH 599 Sonstiges auf dem Gebiet der Mechanik
    MECH 620 Kongressberichte
    MECH 660 Handbücher, Lehrbücher, Einführungen
    MECH 700 Akustische Instrumente und Messmethoden
    MECH 800 Ultraschall
    MECH 999 Sonstiges auf dem Gebiet der Akustik



    HYDR 10 Series, progress reports
    HYDR 20 Conference proceedings
    HYDR 40 Handbooks
    HYDR 60 Textbooks, introductions
    HYDR 100 Hydrodynamical instruments and measurement methods
    HYDR 200 Mathematical methods of hydrodynamics
    HYDR 250 Hydrodynamical stability
    HYDR 300 Laminar flows
    HYDR 400 Turbulent flows
    HYDR 500 Boundary layers
    HYDR 600 Compressible flows
    HYDR 700 Hydrodynamic waves
    HYDR 800 Rarefied gas dynamics
    HYDR 900 Magnetohydrodynamics, electrohydrodynamics
    HYDR 999 Other topics restricted to hydrodynamics




    Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics

    THERM 20 Conference proceedings
    THERM 40 Handbooks
    THERM 60 Textbooks, introductions
    THERM 95 Collections of problems, formularies
    THERM 100 Thermal instruments and measurement methods in general
    THERM 120 Cryogenics, refrigerators, low-temperature equipment
    THERM 125 Low temperature physics
    THERM 200 Thermodynamic functions and equations of state
    THERM 260 Phase equilibrium, phase transitions, critical point phenomena
    THERM 300 Thermal conduction
    THERM 320 Radiative transfer
    THERM 340 Individual thermal properties (at this point: heat capacity,inter alia)
    THERM 400 Nonequilibrium and irreversible thermodynamics
    THERM 499 Other topics in thermodynamics
    Statistical Thermodynamics, Statistical Mechanics
    THERM 510 Series, progress reports
    THERM 520 Conference proceedings
    THERM 540 Handbooks
    THERM 560 Textbooks, introductions
    THERM 595 Collections of problems, formularies
    THERM 600 Kinetic theory
    THERM 620 Transport theory, transport phenomena (at this point: diffusion processes, viscosity)
    THERM 660 Fluctuation phenomena, Brownian motion
    THERM 700 Quantum statistics
    THERM 720 Fermion systems, electron gas
    THERM 740 Boson systems
    THERM 760 Many-particle systems
    THERM 800 Lattice theory and statistics; Ising-lattice
    THERM 900 Synergetics
    THERM 999 Other topics in statistical physics


    Electricity and Magnetism

    EM 10 Series, progress reports
    EM 20 Conference proceedings
    EM 60 Textbooks, introductions
    EM 70 Class books
    EM 90 Dictionaries, multilingual (except of titles shelved at NACH)
    EM 100 Electrical and magnetic instruments and measurement methods
    EM 200 Electron beams, ion beams
    EM 220 Electron optics, ion optics
    EM 240 Electron microscopy, ion microscopy
    EM 260 Field ion microscopy
    EM 300 Electrostatics, magnetostatics
    EM 350 Electrodynamics, Maxwell equations
    EM 400 Plasma physics
    EM 440 Electrical discharges
    EM 500 Superconductivity
    EM 600 Magnetism in general
    EM 620 Diamagnetism, paramagnetism
    EM 630 Ferromagnetics, ferrimagnetics, antiferromagnetics
    EM 640 Magnetic resonances and relaxations in general
    EM 650 Electron paramagnetic resonance and relaxation
    EM 660 Nuclear magnetic resonance and relaxation
    EM 700 Dielectric properties in general
    EM 720 Piezoelectricity
    EM 740 Ferroelectricity, antiferroelectricity
    EM 800 Theory of electron transport in general
    EM 820 Electrical transport in metals and alloys
    EM 840 Electrical transport phenomena of semiconductors
    EM 860 Photoconductivity and space charge effects
    EM 999 Other topics in electricity and magnetism



    OPT 10 Series, progress reports
    OPT 20 Conference proceedings
    OPT 40 Handbooks
    OPT 60 Textbooks, introductions
    OPT 80 Dictionaries, monolingual (except of titles shelved at NACH)
    OPT 94 Tables, data compilations (except of titles shelved at NACH)
    OPT 95 Collections of problems, formularies
    OPT 100 Optical instruments and measurement methods in general
    OPT 110 Photometers, photometry
    OPT 130 Interferometers, interferometry
    OPT 150 Optical microscopes, optical microscopy
    OPT 190 Photography
    OPT 199 Other optical instruments and measurement methods
    OPT 200 Spectrometer, spectroscopy in general
    OPT 210 Laser spectroscopy
    OPT 220 Visible spectra
    OPT 240 Ultraviolet spectra
    OPT 260 Infrared spectra
    OPT 280 X-rays, X-ray spectra
    OPT 299 Other spectra
    OPT 300 Geometrical optics
    OPT 340 Wave optics
    OPT 360 Diffraction, scattering, interference, absorption, reflection
    OPT 400 Optical information, image forming and processing
    OPT 450 Holography
    Quantum optics, quantum electronics
    OPT 510 Series, progress reports
    OPT 520 Conference proceedings
    OPT 540 Handbooks
    OPT 560 Textbooks, introductions
    OPT 570 Masers
    OPT 580 Nonlinear optics
    OPT 599 Other topics in quantum optics and quantum electronics
    OPT 610 Series, progress reports
    OPT 620 Conference proceedings
    OPT 640 Handbooks
    OPT 660 Textbooks, introductions
    OPT 670 General laser theory
    OPT 672 Gas lasers
    OPT 674 Dye lasers
    OPT 676 Solid state lasers, semiconductor lasers
    OPT 678 Free-electron lasers
    OPT 680 Laser optical systems
    OPT 690 Laser applications
    OPT 699 Other topics restricted to lasers
    OPT 700 Optical elements (inter alia: lenses, fiber optics)
    OPT 780 Integrated optics
    OPT 800 Optical effects in general
    OPT 820 Birefringence
    OPT 840 Luminescence
    OPT 860 Fluorescence, phoshorescence
    OPT 880 Magnetooptical and electrooptical effects
    OPT 899 Other optical effects
    OPT 999 Other topics in optics


    Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Field Theory

    QUANT 20 Conference proceedings
    QUANT 40 Handbooks
    QUANT 60 Textbooks, introductions
    QUANT 95 Collections of problems, formularies
    QUANT 96 History of quantum mechanics
    QUANT 100 Quantum mechanics: algebraic methods
    QUANT 200 Scattering theory
    QUANT 300 Quantum theory of angular momentum
    QUANT 400 Quantum field theory
    QUANT 500 Quantum electrodynamics, radiation theory
    QUANT 700 Quantum information
    QUANT 999 Other topics in quantum mechanics and quantum field theory


    Relativity and Gravitation

    REL 20 Conference proceedings
    REL 60 Textbooks, introductions
    REL 95 Collection of problems, formularies
    REL 96 History of relativity
    REL 100 Special relativity
    REL 200 General relativity
    REL 300 Gravitation
    REL 320 Gravitational waves and radiation
    REL 340 Quantum gravity
    REL 400 Unified field theories
    REL 500 Experimental tests of general relativity
    REL 999 Other topics in relativity and gravitation


    Condensed Matter

    Physics of Liquids
    PHKM 10 Series, progress reports
    PHKM 20 Conference proceedings
    PHKM 60 Textbooks, introductions
    PHKM 120 Theory and models of liquid structure
    PHKM 130 Quantum fluids, liquid helium
    PHKM 140 Superfluidity
    PHKM 150 Mechanical, thermal and other properties of liquids
    PHKM 160 Liquid crystals
    PHKM 199 Other topics in physics of liquids

    Physics of Solids
    (conductors, semiconductors, isolators)

    PHKM 210 Series, progress reports
    PHKM 220 Conference proceedings
    PHKM 240 Handbooks
    PHKM 260 Textbooks, introductions
    PHKM 280 Dictionaries, monolingual (except of titles shelved at NACH)
    PHKM 295 Collections of problems and formularies
    PHKM 300 Studies of structures
    PHKM 400 Amorphous and polymer solids
    PHKM 420 Glasses
    PHKM 500 Crystalline solids
    PHKM 510 Physics of crystal growth
    PHKM 512 Epitaxy
    PHKM 515 Methods of crystal growth and purification
    PHKM 520 Crystallography
    PHKM 530 Crystal defects
    PHKM 532 Interstitials, vacancies
    PHKM 534 Color centers
    PHKM 536 Dislocations, stacking faults
    PHKM 537 Impurities in crystals
    PHKM 538 Doping and impurity implantation
    PHKM 539 Radiation damage, physical radiation effects
    PHKM 540 Lattice dynamics (see also "THERM 100")
    PHKM 542 Ising-theory (see also "THERM 800")
    PHKM 544 Phonons in crystal lattices
    PHKM 546 Statistical mechanics of lattice vibrations (see also "THERM 800")
    PHKM 580 Solid helium and related quantum crystals
    PHKM 600 Electronic states of condensed matter
    PHKM 620 Electronic band structure
    PHKM 640 Fermi surface
    PHKM 700 Band structure and properties of semiconductors
    PHKM 720 Element semiconductors
    PHKM 740 III-V- and II-VI semiconductors
    PHKM 760 Other crystalline anorganic semiconductors
    PHKM 780 Organic semiconductors
    PHKM 790 Other semiconductors
    PHKM 800 Excitons, polaritons, polarons
    PHKM 880 Collective effects
    PHKM 900 Impact phenomena (including electron spectra and sputtering)
    PHKM 910 Thermionic emission
    PHKM 920 Photoemission and photoelectron spectra
    PHKM 930 Field emission and ionization (see also "EM 260")
    PHKM 940 Exoelectron emission
    PHKM 999 Other topics in condensed matter


    Thin Films, Surfaces, Interfaces

    DÜS 5 Bibliographies, reference databases (except of titles shelved at NACH)
    DÜS 10 Series, progress reports
    DÜS 20 Conference proceedings
    DÜS 40 Handbooks
    DÜS 60 Textbooks, introductions
    DÜS 94 Tables, data compilations (except of titles shelved at NACH)
    DÜS 100 Structure and nonelectronic properties of thin films, surfaces and interfaces
    DÜS 200 Film growth
    DÜS 220 Methods of depositions of thin films
    DÜS 240 Optical properties oft thin films
    DÜS 260 Electronic properties oft thin films
    DÜS 280 Magnetic ultrathin films
    DÜS 300 Electronic structures of surfaces
    DÜS 400 Electronic properties of interfaces
    DÜS 500 Whiskers, dendrites
    DÜS 999 Other topics in thin films, surfaces, interfaces


    Atomic and Molecular Physics

    AMPH 20 Conference proceedings
    AMPH 40 Handbooks
    AMPH 60 Textbooks, introductions
    AMPH 70 Class books
    AMPH 80 Dictionaries, monolingual (except of titles shelved at NACH)
    AMPH 94 Tables, data compilations (except of titles shelved at NACH)
    AMPH 96 History of atomic and molecular physics
    AMPH 100 Instruments and measurements methods of atomic and molecular physics
    AMPH 180 Mass spectrometer, Mass spectrometry
    AMPH 185 Isotope separation and enrichment
    AMPH 199 Other experimental methods in atomic and molecular physics
    AMPH 200 Electronic structure of atoms and molecules in general
    AMPH 220 Isotope effects, hyperfine interactions
    AMPH 240 Relativistic corrections, fine and hyperfine structure
    AMPH 300 Atomic and molecular spectra in general
    AMPH 320 Zeeman and Stark effects
    AMPH 340 Auger effect
    AMPH 360 Mössbauer effect, Mössbauer spectra
    AMPH 380 Raman effect, Raman spectra
    AMPH 400 Atomic and molecular collision processes
    AMPH 500 Ion physics
    AMPH 600 Interatomic and intermolecular potentials and forces
    AMPH 999 Other topics in atomic and molecular physics


    Nuclear Physics

    KPH 10 Series, progress reports
    KPH 20 Conference proceedings
    KPH 40 Handbooks
    KPH 60 Textbooks, introductions
    KPH 94 Tables, data compilations (except of titles shelved at NACH)
    KPH 95 Collection of problems, formularies
    KPH 100 Instruments and measurements methods of elementary particles and nuclear physics
    KPH 110 Particle accelerators in general
    KPH 112 Electrostatic and linear accelerators
    KPH 115 Cyclic accelerators
    KPH 117 Storage rings
    KPH 119 Other accelerators
    KPH 130 Particle sources and targets
    KPH 140 Charged-particle spectrometers and spectroscopic techniques
    KPH 145 Neutron spectroscopy
    KPH 150 Radiation detectors
    KPH 152 Ionization chambers, cloud chambers, bubble chambers, spark chambers
    KPH 154 Scintillation detectors
    KPH 155 Solid-state detectors
    KPH 159 Other radiation detectors
    KPH 160 Dosimetry of nuclear radiation (see also “radiation monitoring” shelved at "TECH 380")
    KPH 170 Electronics for elementary-particle and nuclear physics experimental methods and instrumentation
    KPH 180 Data analysis techniques in nuclear physics
    KPH 199 Other topics in elementary-particle and nuclear physics experimental methods and instrumentation
    KPH 200 Nuclear structure in general
    KPH 220 Spin, parity, isospin
    KPH 240 Electromagnetic moments
    KPH 299 Other topics in nuclear structure
    KPH 300 Nuclear forces in general
    KPH 320 Meson theory of nuclear forces
    KPH 399 Other topics in nuclear forces
    KPH 400 Nuclear-structure models in general
    KPH 420 Shell model
    KPH 440 Optical model
    KPH 460 Collective models
    KPH 480 Cluster models
    KPH 499 Other nuclear-structure models
    KPH 500 Radioactive decay
    KPH 520 α decay, α rays
    KPH 540 β decay, β rays
    KPH 560 γ transitions, γ rays
    KPH 599 Other topics in radioactive decay
    KPH 600 Nuclear reactions and scattering in general and models
    KPH 620 Resonance reactions and scattering
    KPH 699 Other topics in nuclear reactions and scattering
    KPH 700 Nuclear reactions and scattering in specific reactions
    KPH 720 Photonuclear reactions and scattering
    KPH 730 Lepton-induced reactions and scattering
    KPH 740 Nucleon-induced reactions and scattering
    KPH 750 Heavy-ion induced reactions and scattering
    KPH 770 Fission reactions
    KPH 780 Fusion reactions
    KPH 999 Other topics in nuclear physics


    The Physics of Elementary Particles and Fields

    ELPH 10 Series, progress reports
    ELPH 20 Conference proceedings
    ELPH 60 Textbooks, introductions
    ELPH 95 Collections of problems, formularies
    ELPH 100 General theory of fields
    ELPH 120 Classical field theory
    ELPH 140 Gauge field theories
    ELPH 199 Other field theories
    ELPH 200 Scattering theory in general
    ELPH 220 S-matrix theory
    ELPH 250 Relativistic scattering theory
    ELPH 299 Other scattering theories
    ELPH 300 Symmetry and conservation laws
    ELPH 350 Supersymmetry
    ELPH 380 Complex angular momentum, Regge formalism
    ELPH 399 Other symmetries and conservation laws
    ELPH 400 Interactions in general
    ELPH 420 Weak interactions
    ELPH 440 Strong interactions
    ELPH 500 Hadrons
    ELPH 520 Baryons (protons, neutrons)
    ELPH 540 Hyperons
    ELPH 560 Mesons
    ELPH 600 Leptons
    ELPH 620 Electrons and positrons
    ELPH 640 Muons
    ELPH 660 Neutrinos
    ELPH 680 Photons
    ELPH 699 Other particles
    ELPH 700 Hypothetical particles in general
    ELPH 720 Quarks
    ELPH 740 Z bosons
    ELPH 800 Specific reactions in particle physics
    ELPH 820 Neutron diffraction
    ELPH 830 Neutron absorption
    ELPH 899 Other interactions with elementary particles
    ELPH 999 Other topics in the physics of elementary particles and fields



    MATH 10 Series, progress reports
    MATH 20 Conference proceedings
    MATH 40 Handbooks
    MATH 60 Textbooks, introductions
    MATH 93 Collected works of individual mathematicans
    MATH 95 Collections of problems, formularies
    MATH 96 History of mathematics
    MATH 110 Logics
    MATH 120 Set theory
    MATH 130 Combinatorics and graph theory
    MATH 140 Abstract algebra
    MATH 150 Linear algebra, matrix theory
    MATH 160 Group theory
    MATH 170 Number theory
    MATH 199 Other topics in Algebra
    MATH 205 Real analysis
    MATH 210 Functional analysis
    MATH 215 Calculus
    MATH 220 Potential theory
    MATH 225 Particular functions
    MATH 230 Ordinary and partial differential equations
    MATH 235 Fourier analysis
    MATH 240 Integral transforms, operational mathematics
    MATH 245 Integral equations
    MATH 250 Functional analysis
    MATH 255 Operator theory
    MATH 260 Calculus of variations
    MATH 299 Other topics in analysis
    MATH 300 Geometry in total
    MATH 310 Euclidian geometry
    MATH 320 Non euclidian geometry
    MATH 330 Projective geometry
    MATH 340 Analytic geometry
    MATH 350 Vector and tensor analysis
    MATH 360 Differential geometry
    MATH 370 Topology
    MATH 399 Other topics in geometry
    Probability theory, statistics
    MATH 400 Probability theory and statistics in total
    MATH 410 Probability theory
    MATH 420 Stochastic processes
    MATH 430 Markov processes
    MATH 440 Mathematical statistics
    MATH 499 Other topics in probability theory and statistics
    Numerical methods
    MATH 510 Numerical mathematics in general
    MATH 520 Numerical simulation (here: Monte Carlo methods)
    MATH 530 Numerical differentiation and integration
    MATH 599 Other topics in numerical methods
    MATH 610 Computing in general
    MATH 620 Programming languages, programs
    MATH 630 Application of computing in several subjects
    MATH 699 Other topics of computing
    Cybernetics, control theory
    MATH 710 Cybernetics, control theory in general
    MATH 799 Specific aspects of cybernetics and control theory
    MATH 999 Other topics in mathematics


    Astronomy, Astrophysics

    ASTR 5 Bibliographies, abstract journals (except of titles shelved at NACH)
    ASTR 10 Series, progress reports
    ASTR 20 Conference proceedings
    ASTR 40 Handbooks
    ASTR 60 Textbooks, introductions
    ASTR 70 Class books
    ASTR 94 Tables, data compilations (except of titles shelved at NACH)
    ASTR 96 Historical astronomy and astrophysics in general
    ASTR 97 Special fields in historical astronomy and astrophysics
    ASTR 98 Celestial mechanics
    ASTR 100 Instrumentation, techniques and astronomical observations
    ASTR 150 Satellites
    ASTR 199 Space research instrumentation in astronomy
    Solar system
    ASTR 260 Handbooks, textbooks, introductions
    ASTR 300 Planets and moons, asteroids
    ASTR 320 Comets, meteors
    ASTR 340 Interplanetary space
    ASTR 360 Solar physics
    ASTR 399 Other topics on solar system
    ASTR 460 Handbooks, textbooks, introductions
    ASTR 500 Novae, supernovae, pulsars, quasars, black holes
    ASTR 599 Other topics on stars
    Stellar systems
    ASTR 660 Handbooks, textbooks, introductions
    ASTR 700 Milky way galaxy
    ASTR 740 Extragalactic objects and systems
    ASTR 799 Other topics on stellar systems
    The universe: cosmology, astrophysics
    ASTR 860 Handbooks, textbooks, introductions
    ASTR 899 Special fields of cosmology and astrophysics
    ASTR 999 Other topics in astronomy and astrophysics


    Chemistry, physical chemistry

    CHEM 40 Handbooks
    CHEM 60 Textbooks, introductions
    CHEM 94 Tables, data compilations (except of titles shelved at NACH)
    CHEM 100 Anorganic chemistry
    CHEM 200 Organic chemistry
    CHEM 300 Physical chemistry
    CHEM 320 Electrochemistry
    CHEM 340 Photochemistry
    CHEM 360 Radiochemistry
    CHEM 400 Chemical thermodynamics
    CHEM 999 Other topics in chemistry and physical chemistry



    Electrical engineering, electronics
    TECH 60 Handbooks, textbooks, introductions
    TECH 120 Electronics in general
    TECH 140 Semiconductor devices
    TECH 160 Superconducting devices
    TECH 170 Electronic circuits; integrated electronics
    TECH 180 Photoelectric and optoelectronic devices
    TECH 199 Other topics in electrical engineering and electronics
    Nuclear technology
    TECH 260 Handbooks, textbooks, introductions
    TECH 300 Nuclear fission and fusion reactors
    TECH 380 Radiation monitoring
    TECH 399 Other topics in nuclear technology
    Energy technology
    TECH 460 Handbooks, textbooks, introductions
    TECH 500 Energy sources and usability
    TECH 520 Energy conversion in general
    TECH 540 Photovoltaic energy generation (here: solar cells, solar energy)
    TECH 560 Thermal energy conversion (here: thermal engines, heat pumps)
    TECH 580 Energy storage
    TECH 599 Other topics in energy technology
    Other topics in technology
    TECH 999 Other technical subjects



    Environmental science and technology
    VER 60 Handbooks, textbooks, introductions
    VER 99 Specific aspects of environmental science and technology
    Biophysics, medical physics
    VER 160 Handbooks, textbooks, introductions
    VER 220 Physiological and psychological optics
    VER 240 Physiological and psychological acoustics
    VER 260 Effects of radiation and external fields on cells and higher organisms
    VER 299 Other topics in biophysics and medical physics
    VER 360 Handbooks, textbooks, introductions
    VER 399 Specific aspects of geophysics
    Cosmic rays
    VER 460 Handbooks, textbooks, introductions
    VER 499 Specific aspects of cosmic rays
    Metal physics
    VER 560 Handbooks, textbooks, introductions
    VER 599 Specific aspects of metal physics
    Other topics
    VER 800 Scientific writing and presentation
    VER 999 Other topics


    Reference Collection

    Bibliographies, abstract journals
    NACH 10 Physics
    NACH 20 Mechanics
    NACH 25 Hydrodynamics
    NACH 35 Electricity and magnetism
    NACH 40 Optics
    NACH 55 Condensed matter
    NACH 60 Thin films, surfaces, interfaces
    NACH 65 Atomic and molecular physics
    NACH 75 The physics of elementary particles and fields
    NACH 80 Astronomy, astrophysics
    NACH 99 Other subjects
    Encyclopedias (monolingual)
    NACH 110 General encyclopedias
    NACH 113 Encyclopedias of scientific and technical terms
    NACH 150 Encyclopedias of physical sciences
    NACH 170 Encyclopedias of mathematics
    NACH 199 Encyclopedias of other subjects
    Dictionaries (bilingual)
    NACH 210 General dictionaries
    NACH 230 Dictionaries of science and technology
    NACH 250 Dictionaries of physical sciences
    NACH 270 Dictionaries of mathematics
    NACH 299 Dictionaries of other subjects
    Tables, data compilations
    NACH 310 Physics
    NACH 330 Thermodynamics and statistical physics
    NACH 335 Electricity and magnetism
    NACH 340 Optics
    NACH 345 Quantum mechanics, quantum field theory
    NACH 350 Relativity and gravitation
    NACH 355 Condensed matter
    NACH 365 Atomic and molecular physics
    NACH 370 Nuclear physics
    NACH 375 The physics of elementary particles and fields
    NACH 380 Astronomy, astrophysics
    NACH 385 Mathematics
    NACH 390 Chemistry, physical chemistry
    NACH 395 Technology
    NACH 399 Other subjects
    Other reference books
    NACH 400 Directories of adresses and who’s whos
    NACH 999 Other reference book

    Zusatzinformationen / Extras