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Technical Equipment

UB TU Berlin / D. Grahl, CC BY 4.0

At the information desks on the first three floors of the Central Library (CL) and in the Department Libraries (DL), you can borrow the following technical equipment for a deposit: 

Technical Equipment
  CL First Floor CL Second Floor CL Third Floor Architecture DL Physics DL
Earphone x x x x  
Mouse x x x x  
Multicharger for mobile phone x x x x x
HDMI adapter   x x    
VGA adapter for Apple hardware x        
Laptoplock x x x x x
LAN-Cabel x x x    
Pens and sponge for whiteboards x x x   x
Multiple socket x        
Calculator x x      
Magnifier   x x x  
paper cutting machine         x
Chalk and sponge for the blackboard         x

We accept your student card or library card as deposit. Please note that we do not accept official documents such as ID or driving license.

Zusatzinformationen / Extras


Central information desk
Tel.: (030) 314 - 76101