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Registration Form for Use of TU Berlin and UdK Berlin University Libraries


Please fill out the form below and attached the required documents as a photo or scan.
Then submit the form.

Please note: External users and institutions may be subject to costs.

Required documents


  • Students of a public Berlin or Brandenburg university including UdK: current student ID
  • Employees of TU Berlin/UdK: Proof of employment
  • TU and UdK alumni: Proof of membership of the TU Berlin or UdK alumni program
  • School students: current student ID
  • Individuals under 18: Declaration of consent from your legal guardian
  • Persons with disabilities, unemployed persons, persons entitled to social benefit: current proof of eligibility for reduction
  • Institutions, businesses, authorities: written request

Your application

My request

I need a new library card
I want to extend my library card
I lost my original library card

Personal information

Registered address

Additional information (only to be completed by TU staff)

Supporting documents