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eTutorials for Library Use

Central Library tour

This video gives you an insight into the Central Library: Which services are available on site? What does it look like in the building?

Language: German, english subtitles available

Watch the library tour (4:14 min, as of: 10/2020)

Fit for Literature Search

In the Actionbound app our bound teaches you how to find a specific paper or book and and how to search for resources on a topic.

Get more information and access Actionbound



5 tips & tricks for your library account

In this tutorial we show you various functions of your library account in the Knowledge Portal Primo.

Watch the eTutorial (2:36 min, as of: 07/2020)

Searching for a book in Primo

In this tutorial we will show you how you can search and find a book via our Primo Research Portal.

Watch the eTutorial (1:18 min, as of: 11/2018)

How can I find and access e-books?

This tutorial will show you how you can search for e-books efficiently and how you can access the full text.

Watch the eTutorial (1:53 min, as of: 11/2018)

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Where can I find standards?

This tutorial will show you how to quickly find full text DIN, VDI and ISO standards.

Watch the eTutorial (3:46 min, as of: 5/2016)

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Wie kann ich effizient meine Literatur verwalten?

Zur Einführung in die Literaturverwaltungssysteme Citavi und Zotero sowie in die Literaturverwaltung allgemein empfehlen wir diese Materialien:

Literaturverwaltung at home - Materialien zum Selbststudium

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Ask a Librarian

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First steps in the Central Library