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Campus licence for Citavi

The Technische Universität Berlin has concluded a campus licence agreement with Swiss Academic Software GmbH for the software "Citavi – Reference manager and Knowledge Organisation".

Employees and students of our university can use this licence for studying, teaching and research at work and on all personal computers.

The campus contract is currently valid until 30.11.2019.

Instructions and links for download and campus licence activation 

  1. Download the Citavi installation file.
    Installation file
  2. Register for a Citavi account with your tubIT login. In the Citavi account you will find your licence data and the instruction how to enter it in Citavi.

Note on campus licence renewal

The Citavi licence is usually renewed by the TU Berlin every two years (see expiration date). After the start of a new licence period, the personal campus licence in Citavi also needs to be renewed. Proceed as if you were inserting the licence in Citavi for the first time. To do so, you simply log into your Citavi account and transfer the licence from there.

System requirements

Citavi 6 (current program version)

  • recommended 4 GB RAM
  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Server 2016,2012,2008 R2 
  • Word processor: Microsoft Word 2016, 2013, or 2010, LateX (via the LateX Assistant).

For more information about this current version, please visit the Citavi website.

To the Citavi website

On the Mac, Citavi can currently only be used with a virtualization software (Parallels, etc.).

Installation on Mac


Citavi 5 

  • 1 GB RAM minimum, recommended 4 GB RAM
  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 (with all updates) or Windows Server 2012
  • Word processor: Microsoft Word 2016, 2013, 2010 or 2007, OpenOffice 4, LibreOffice 4 or 5, LateX (via the LateX Assistant).
  • For more information about the current version, please visit the Citavi website.
    To the Citavi-Website

On the Mac, Citavi can currently only be used with a virtualization solution (parallels, etc.).

Installation on Mac

New: Citavi 6

Citavi 6 was released on February 20,2018. With Citavi 6, you can now store your projects online in the Citavi Cloud, allowing you to work easily from different computers and collaborate with others in a team. However, the program itself is still desktop-based. There are also some minor functional changes. The user interface remains almost unchanged.

Switch to Citavi 6 in 5 steps

  1. Learn about new features, changes, and the upgrade process.
  2. Download the setup of Citavi 6 (https://www.citavi.com/en/download).
  3. Uninstall older Citavi versions. Your projects and settings remain unaffected.
  4. Install Citavi 6 and log in with your Citavi account data. Signing up for Citavi replaces the previous process of entering license data.
    Use your university e-mail address. Forgot your password? You can reset it using the login form.
  5. The Start Wizard helps you to convert your old projects into the new Citavi-6 format. Your Word document will be copied by Citavi's Word Add-in the first time you open it and all fields will be converted for Citavi 6.



Courses and Consulting

The University Library offers free introductory and advanced courses for Citavi

Courses on Reference Management

If you have more specific questions about Citavi, we will be happy to advise you individually.

Date selection and registration

Pre-sets file

With the help of the Citavi pre-set file, you can transfer some of the pre-sets directly into your Citavi version. For example, the knowledge portal Primo and other important Berlin and supraregional catalogues are pre-set.

Installation of the pre-sets file:

Step 1: Save the Citavi settings file on your computer

Citavi settings file

Step 2:Import the settings into Citavi

  • In Citavi, click the Tools menu.
  • Select "Import settings".
  • Click "Browse" to select the settings file
  • Click on "Next"
  • Select which settings you want to import
  • Click on "Finish"

Short import tutorial

Continued use of Citavi after leaving the TU

After de-registration or after leaving as an employee, alumni can continue to use the licence as long as the current campus licence period runs.

If the campus licence is renewed, all alumni with their university e-mail address must apply for a new licence key and re-install it. From this point on, alumni will no longer be able to take advantage of Citavi Pro, but the Citavi project data will be preserved. You can use the free version or buy the Pro version with a 50% discount.

Zusatzinformationen / Extras


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Tel.: 030 314-76301

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