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Bibliometrics is the quantitative analysis of scientific publications and their citations. Bibliometric analyses help compare the publishing output of individual academics, researchers, institutes, faculties or entire institutions.

They further help academics to evaluate their publishing output and improve the visibility and impact of their research. Bibliometric analyses require great care when selecting methods, handling data and interpreting results.

The University Library is happy to answer your questions concerning bibliometrics and provides advice on the following issues:

  • Author-level metrics (e.g. h-index)
  • Journal-level metrics (e.g. JIF)
  • Creating bibliometric profiles (e.g. output and citation analyses)

Typical questions:

  • Which of my publications have been cited and how often?
  • Which journals am I mostly published in and what impact factor do these journals have?
  • What proportion of my works have been published as open access publications?
  • How has my publishing output developed in recent years?
  • How has the publishing output of the institute or faculty developed in recent years?
  • Which forms of publication have mainly been used?
  • Which co-authors have I mostly been published with?
  • What is my h-index?
  • How has my research been received?

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