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What are databases?

Databases contain references to journal articles, book chapters, books, standards etc., depending on the type of database used. They can cover one subject area or a wide range of fields. Full text will be partly available. Content is mostly limited to academic, often peer-reviewed sources. 

Selecting and accessing databases

Academic databases are listed in our Datenbank-Infosystem (Database Information System, DBIS, German language only). You can find major databases for your field of study by selecting your field from the "Fachübersicht" and then choosing one database from the "Top-Datenbanken" (top databases).


TU Databases (DBIS TU)

Databases in German libraries (complete list)

Database highlights at TU



Multidisciplinary databases:

Web of Science



SciFinder (Chemical Abstracts)

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry


Technology and engineering:

TEMA Technology and Management

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Access to databases

Licensed databases can only be accessed when you are on the TU campus network (IP range 130.149.*.*).


Internet access at the library

Electronic resources off-campus via VPN und Shibboleth (for TU members only)


By accessing the databases you accept the terms and conditions of use (in German only).

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