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Media items from the University Library’s collection that are particularly old, rare and in need of protection ("Rara") may only be viewed under special restrictions in the library rooms. 

For this reason the University Library is seeking to digitize these works. In this way, the valuable originals can be protected, while their contents can be offered online as part of the library’s Digitized Collections, where they are available to everyone, independent of time and place.

Proposing an item for digitization free of charge

Would you like to propose a rare book for digitization from the University Library’s collections? Then please use the form for free digitization proposals.

The proposed works will be completely digitized in accordance with the standards of the German Research Foundation (OCR, structural data) and made available online within two to four weeks.

Proposing an item for digitization subject to charge

At the moment it is not possible to propose an item for digitization subject to charge.

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