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In the digitization services of the TU University Library we distinguish between two options, the digitization proposal and the digitization order:

Digitization Proposal:

The digitization proposal refers to a not yet digitized whole or complete work. The work is proposed to the UB digitization team for full digitization. The service "digitization proposal" is free.

Digitization Order:

The order for digitization refers to a part, e.g. certain pages from a work. The digitization team of the UB is commissioned with the digitization of a part of a work. The commission is usually associated with costs incurred, which will be charged to the client.

Please select your desired digitization service:

Digitization Proposal

Propose a complete work for digitization

The service „Digitization Proposal“ is free.

Digitization Order

Order the digitization of a part of a work.

The service „Digitization Order“ is subject to a charge.