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Accessing e-resources from the library and home

Electronic resources licensed by the University Library, such as e-books, e-journals, and databases, can be accessed from the library’s computers and via WLAN/eduroam. Members of TU Berlin can also access resources licensed by the University from home.

Accessing e-resources from the Central Library and on campus

At computer workstations

  • TU Berlin e-resources: 
    In the Central Library: On floors 1-3 and the basement level
    On the TU Berlin campus, including departmental libraries within TU Berlin’s IP network
  • UdK e-resources:
    In the Central Library: Only on the 4th floor
    On the UdK campus: within Udk’s IP network
    Please note: TU Berlin students can only access UdK licenses on the 4th floor by using the ubuntu operating system.

From your own computer

  • TU Berlin e-resources:
    via eduroam (regardless which university you register through): in the Central Library (on all floors) and on the entire TU Berlin campus
  • UdK e-resources:
    via eduroam: on the UdK campus; however not in the Central Library

Accessing e-resources from home for TU members

Members of TU Berlin (students and staff) can access electronic resources licensed by the University Library from home using a VPN or Shibboleth.

By using VPN access, your computer is assigned a TU Berlin IP address.
After this access has been configured, you can log in with your TU Berlin account and access nearly all of the University Library’s electronic resources from your home. 

We recommend that you use the server bib.vpn.tu-berlin.de to access the library's electronic resources.

Instructions for setting up VPN access

Many online resources offer you the option of accessing them using the Shibboleth authentication service. Shibboleth is web-based. This means you do not need to install additional software on your computer. Much of the electronic media licensed by TU Berlin has only recently become accessible via Shibboleth. However, we are constantly expanding this offering.

Publishers' platforms with Shibboleth access

Quick Shibboleth access to publisher's platforms

Shibboleth login for specific e-journals and e-books:

When you already are on an e-article or e-book website:

  • You can find the Shibboleth login by clicking the login link on the page. Sometimes it is called “institutional login”, "login via your institution” or something similar.
  • Select Technische Universität Berlin (you may need to pre-select “German Higher Education and Research” or “Deutschland [DFN-AAI]") > You will then be taken to the TU Berlin login.
  • Your Shibboleth session will automatically end when you close the browser on your computer.

Shibboleth for databases:

Databases which can be accessed using Shibboleth are identified in the DBIS (database info system) with the icon “AS” or “S” as well as linked under the heading “Other licensed access: Access for TU-members outside of the TU Berlin IP network (Shibboleth)“.

Overview of Shibboleth-enabled databases in DBIS

Information from TU Berlin about Shibboleth

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Accessing e-resources from home for UdK members and others

  • To access UdK e-resources from home, only for UdK-members:
    via VPN and partly Shibboleth 
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible for any other users to access the resources from home. Only free resources can be accessed.

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